The Wormhole of Medicine (L-Frames)

This is the type that might be observed during therapy. Why don't
other people in the world look or act like me? Maybe it's because
of one of these! For example,

“Guess what? They do special things for ADD”

Unfortunately for you, typically you can’t remember that
someone ever said this. After all the disease you ended up having
wasn’t ADD. Maybe you fell through the wormhole of medicine.

Time-Travel Wormholes

This method uses a rule of similarity between the points of travel
to create a ‘synergasm’ or invisible wormhole between the two
involved worlds... [T]here may be no major similarity between the
two corresponding worlds other than a temporary temporal
similarity. To travel to the past you may need a horcrux. To
travel to the future you need to be psychic.