A vesselext is a series of compartments in which each
compartment does some logical operation. The compartments are
typically arranged in a horizontal series, in which the size,
grouping, and angularity of the compartments communicates
something about their logical operation (In Chinese the
apartments might be arranged vertically...)

In step two, try to pick two or three expressions, preferably single
words, which collectively form a definition about the term from
step one. In step three, go through an initial process of what it
means to have more of the later parts than the earlier parts.
Actually do some thinking. Then formulate the best expression
that briefly expresses all of the best knowledge on that subject,
using those words, and very few others, or else, by a rational
deduction from one part being greater or ‘all’, and the other being
smaller or ‘necessary’. In step four, use thinking in a more casual
way, attempting to find the most interesting combination of step
three and step one. The result should ideally be clever, or simply
very true, and the vesselext is designed to give those kinds of
results, but it depends on the perfection of the previous steps.


1. war. 2. yin and yang 3. mastery, 4.
mastery of war

1. Science. 2.not art, not bad. 3. Good, bad art. 4. There is a
science to bad art.

1. Logical, 2. Synthetic, Rational 3. Rationalized reality 4. Logic
is rationalized.

1. Errors. 2. Time and Place. 3. Clockwork 4. Wrong time.

1. Ideas. 2. Reality and Imagination. 3. Reality is worth it.
Ideas are worth it.

1. Language. 2. Eloquence and Knowledge. 3. Knowledge of
eloquence 4.
Knowledge is an eloquent language

1. Virtue. 2. Bonificence and Pragmatism. 3. Striving. 4. Strive for

1. Aesthetics. 2. Complexity, Perfection. 3. There is potential for
perfection. 4.
Art has the potential for perfection.

1. Variable. 2. Value, Property. 3. All properties have value.
All properties of variables have value.

1. Criticism. 2. Theory, Generation.3. Theory is about generation.
Theories of criticism are about generation.

1. Creativity. 2. Energy, Ideas. 3. All ideas involve energy.
All ideas involve creative energy.

1. Metaphysics. 2. Paths & Levels. 3. Every level has a path.
Every metaphysical level has a path.

1. Priority. 2. Standard, Approximity. 3. Standard at length.
At length, standards are a priority.

1. Legend. 2. Myth and Magic. 3. Potency has a little truth.
Potent truths are somewhat legendary.

1. Garage. 2. Car Housing. 3. We have it covered. 4. A garage
can fit more than one car.

1. Determinism. 2. Free will and Fate. 3. The fates have a will.
The fates have a determined will.

1. Architecture. 2. Design, Construction. 3. Everything has a plan.
Everything in architecture has a plan.

1. Process. 2. Dynamic Function. 3. Perfect energy. 4. Processes
perfect energy.

These may have been the only Vesselexts ever created!