Stage 1:

Select a word that represents your concept of reality.

Stage 2A:

Prune out what is not a good experience. Express the bad
concepts as separate systems if it is desirable to develop them.

Gradually reject the bad ideas.

Stage 2B:

Experience the ideal modalities of the concept. For example,  
excitement, beauty, epiphany, and transcendence.

Stage 3A:

Explore the phenomenal world as you have discovered it, and
simultaneously explore the life of the modalities. Develop
principles of modality.

Stage 3B

If a concept does not have life, creatively modify it, or explore
dynamic modalities using the principles of modality

Stage 4:

Return to your initial concept, and modify it as necessary.

Repeat stages 1 - 4 as necessary.

Optional Stage 5:

Explore the experience of phenomenal knowledge. Introduce new
theories of critique. Examine your life.