Extending the concept of an observer or eye as the major
definitive concept, perhaps there is a sophisticated instrument
like a microscope between the source of reality and the physical

In this case, existence (or at least our own limited experience)
takes the form of a 'petri dish': a swarm of two-dimensional colors
which ultimately mean nothing other than an explanation to the
'scientific eye' that lies beyond the microscope.

The scientist need not be a God. He might even be a human
being. All of life is exaggerated to give the appearance of
fairness, and to serve as an interesting explanation to the
concealed scientist. It is the simplest principle: the explanation
that 'explanation' is the only ultimate explanation, but has no
inherent form. Beyond the petri dish, reality ends.

Indeed, any number of other realities might also be petri dishes,
although they would also be equally simplistic. For example, an
occult game might be played with words that in the end prove to
be lies. And the words might be two-dimensional like a petri dish.

In this modality, the greatest transcendence is simply to make
believe that one is a child, and that the scientist-god has given
birth to reason. Life may be objective, but there is no immediate
promise of a world beyond the petri dish.