In the philosophical sense that I understand it and interpret it,
macroscopy or macro-vision is the ability to find greater
relevance within the existing experience or existing environment.

It has several kinds.


Scientific macroscopy: literally seeing the larger world, as
through a large telescope. This may be the level in which the
universe is understood literally or mathematically. The general
study scientifically can be called 'macroscience'.

Creative macroscopy: interpreting objective arts that would
otherwise remain unknown. This is the level of creativity in which
the created object is of a style of such importance that the style is
objective. It may be literature, visual art, the shape of a
sculpture, a large body of music taken together, etc. The general
form of creative knowledge can be called macro-creativity.

Spiritual macroscopy: revelations about God or the plan of the
universe. These are typically things deemed to have timely
relevance to humanity. The general domain of spirituality can be
called macro-spirituality.

Existential macroscopy: revelations about one's own life or sense
of self-purpose or relevance to the universe. This may take the
form of having a mission in life, a calling to a specific kind of
work, or a unique ability. It can be called discovery of