This domain has not officially been named, but it is distinguished
from kinesthesia, which refers to kinetic feedback or physical
controls (related to haptics and ergonomics).

This term I am using to refer to a unique concept similar to
kinetic metaphor.

Its insight is that provided an unconscious resemblance between
two concepts, such as watery inner organs and a medieval moat,
the concept that is more symbolic to the human mind (say, a
medieval moat) carries heavier significance in determining the
function of the original concept.

Critically, there are several possible responses, analogous to the
Rhino & Caffeine concept of exceptions.

1. Maybe the only identification is a substance held in common
between the two concepts, and the analogy reduces to a
substance, which has an objective identity.

2. Maybe the first concept is more substantial, and the second
concept is merely supporting information. But this depends on the
idea that the first concept has a larger system of associations.

3. Maybe the relation exists as an ideal fantasy, and neither
concept can be preferred over the other, but the correspondence
is an epiphany or ideal judgment.

4. Finally, maybe the second concept is more substantial, but this
requires that the second concept has a larger system of

We can conclude that if we begin with things that are insignificant,
we have huge potential for evolution, whereas if we begin with the
significant things, the reality becomes the fantasy. This is a
general observation that seems to hold even outside of kinetic