Karmaband may be stated simply as the first, original method for
making bargains, sometimes known as diabolical bargains or
Faustian Bargains. It is a more ethical approach than what the
West today thinks along similar lines. Karmaband is an
agreement in which there is a benefit in one area, and a loss in
another, often opposite area.

Things considered as Karmaband may be such as the following:

*Business deals.
*Intelligence (except wisdom)
*Cosmetic surgery.

A karmaband is the kind of thing that comes up in certain
situations, for example: (1) When a certain result is needed, such
as wishing, praying, and having physical desires, (2) When there
is no certainty, for example when there is a lack of intelligence or
knowledge, (3) When there is a special demand of some type,
such as the need to cross a river or solve a king's problem, (4)
When there is a general lack of wisdom.

Karmaband may be contrasted with practical intelligence, which is
the first concept of wisdom, and the idea most frequently
contrasted with evil bargains.

The folly of karmaband comes about through a misunderstanding
about how one good does not guarantee another, and that only
harm can happen once the good has been achieved.

Similar concepts are the Wheel of Fortune, the double-bind, and
the Chinese finger-trap. The only way out is to resist!

Unlike diabolical bargains, Karmaband has a reputation for virtue.

Strategies can be produced, usually involving karma (hence the
name, and through its purposive inventor, Krishna):

*Using wealth one has to benefit the poor and needy.
*Using specialized knowledge to benefit others.
*Being generous in an agreement.
*Giving ugliness a useful purpose.
*Using one's time effectively.
*Saving someone from harm.

In general, karma feels like a loss, but is actually a gain.
Short-term rewards are sacrificed for long-term benefit.
Meaningless things are sacrificed for significant things.
Unprincipled things are sacrificed for virtuous things. Through
this principle, karma has a reputation for sacrifice, also called