While directional vision sees objects in 3-d perspective, inherent
vision is a different kind of vision in which objects are perceived
as if from their own perspective, or perhaps, with some form of
interpreter, or multiple, localized perspectives.

For inherent vision, the images exists inside the mind as an
experience of what it is to be or to be around the object. The
perception of the object has been extended away from its
supposed objective location, which can now be compared to
one-dimensionality, and now exists as a living thing within the

If 'life' is the common element of inherent vision, then inherent
vision may be compared not just to dimensional extension and
complexification, but also to the desirable
evolution of any object.

Inherent vision becomes a platform consciousness application,
that is, an application that may have special utility for higher
levels of consciousness than the 3-d.

Inherent vision in the universe as we know it can be defined as a
basic form of 4-d vision. But in another world where the first
dimension is consciousness, inherent vision might be one fraction
of a unified perception analogous to 1-d Monism.

Inherent Vision