This is a very traditional method of magic which goes back to at
least the druidic period, or perhaps much earlier. It is related to a
form of magic from Japan called ‘Mudra’ that has hand-signs
some say could cause someone to change form into an animal, or
do other kinds of magic. The traditional European form is
basically directed magic, made possible by a silent incantation,
such as silently muttered magic words. Sometimes this may be
possible even without moving the mouth, making it a proper ‘mind
spell’. Here are some incantations for a variety of levels:

Level 1: ‘Prufroc’
  Effect: Do something good
          for someone important.

Level 2: ‘Myron Gyrin’
  Effect: Mindful choice amid chaos.

Level 3: ‘A Moc d’ Sade’ and similar.
  Effect: Control situations.

Level 4: ‘Rumour patr siblair’ and similar.
  Effect: Gain the upper hand.

Level 5: ‘Ex sensivus pax noisois’
  Effect: Silence.

Level 6: ‘Duribilis acumenicus troublanis mendicatus’
  Effect: Clear worries / stupefy.

  ‘Prodoxis Prodoxis’ undoes this spell,
  And is rumored to give infinite
  Usually it just improves mindfulness.
  (It is a spoken or silent spell, dissimilar
  from muttered incantations).