Imparallel realization is the type of insight, not exclusively
ethical, but often ethically loaded, in which decisions in one place
are different in some way from decisions in another place.
Typically this is explained in terms of the ethical division of the
world, but if the world is not seen as ethically divided, then it can
take place through other paradigms, such as survival
(pragmatism), manners (act low amongst the low) and
architectural 'program' (design according to the surrounding

Opposite realizations are also part of imparallel realization, such
as deadly obstacles (what happens if your helmet shatters in
outer space), immature manners (the obligation to act polite), and
objective design (design according to materials). The perversion
of the ethical version of imparallel realization would be some kind
of diabolical reasoning, like 'hell belongs in heaven' instead of
'the devil belongs in hell'. The ethical insight would be that one
should be the best thing in the worst circumstances, instead of
being punished according to one's desserts.

The amazing thing is all of this might be ONE ethical system: the
system of applied ethics and location, which can not only accept
ethical principles, but also see the twisted variations of them.