Right: A basic image of dramatic lessons in the form of plot arcs
within a story.

The typical example is that, through
a distended process of dramatic
resolution, a central character finds
himself in the midst of trickery,
illusions, or a romantic engagement.
The plot leads the  character to
commit evil deeds.

A summary of the story in a more
condensed form would be that
'the protagonist's own inherent
evil leads to his downfall'.

However, there are many other
types of stories.

Stories often connect to other stories through the idea of Fate,
Free Will, Serendipity, or Good Fortune and that is what
fascinates me.

Stories are often connected by the elements that have already
been introduced.

For example, someone with money might lose money. Someone
with money more than once might have a strategy for retaining
money. And the same for love, privilege, trust, etc.

Someone who is once male might become female.

Someone stupid might become a philosopher.

Someone foolish may eventually teach school.

It is these kinds of stories that bind the most intriguing elements
of Fate, Free Will, Serendipity, and Good Fortune.

Dramatic Lessons (Plot Arcs within a Story)