DIABETES: Eat apple skin. Avoid diet soda. Shift your body
even if you sit in one place. Exercise moderately. Avoid
excessive sugar intake. Eat fruit around the same time you eat
sweet foods. This will allow your body to adapt to the sugar,
because traditionally fruit was the only food with sugar. Avoid
weird products like Starbucks Peach Tea, Wonderbread, and
Sweet n' Low.

FAT / OVERWEIGHT: Change your attitude, eat fewer meals,
eat a lot of almonds, eat more vegetables, avoid diet soda,
exercise, try a liquid and carb diet, make sure you eat some salt,
avoid medication and drugs if you can.

HICCUPS: Calm down, pretend you're really pregnant, and
think about an unctuous substance.

LOW I.Q.: Read a lot. Look at picture books. Develop a
favorite subject or two. Try to remember some basic facts about
arithmetic, and remind yourself there are people worse off than
you. Take advantage of your best qualities.

MEDIUM I.Q. (95 - 110): Be good to your brain (eat fish and
almonds, avoid abrupt movements) Write about topics that
interest you. Learn more about math.

SLIGHTLY ABOVE AVERAGE I.Q. (111 - 130): Improve your
math skills. Study calculus. Avoid substances that might
damage your I.Q. Develop some specialized knowledge. Become
a relative expert in your favorite topics.

MORTALITY: Avoid dangerous situations. Have a principle of
long-term improvement. Eat the healthiest food that you can.
Avoid stressful situations. Take one pill of telomerase if you are
32 or older. Throw the rest of the bottle away, otherwise you
will be addicted and there will be side-effects. Use your
intelligence to steer yourself into healthier, happier situations.
Leave adapting to your environment as a later card to play.
Remain mentally active. Learn things about herbology if you
can. Spend some time outdoors. Don't wear hats unless you
need to. Exercise moderately. Don't gain muscle unless you're
vegetarian. Don't commit crimes. Don't have sex unless its fate.
Take care of your body. Avoid unnecessary attachments. Live
where you want to live. Gradually build a platform for your
own intellectual well-being. Avoid people that cause you stress.
Make commitments to your own normality or greatness. Eat
some vegetables every day, or every week. Continue to think
about the future.

PIMPLES: Don't wash the face when in the shower.

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