Eastern Magic:

Chi: Energy develops into Ki: Fire.

The following levels work if one has a powerful spiritual master
such as
Dynamo Jack (video of him making a paper flame with
his hands!).

Level 1:
Practice these words:
“Everyone has chi”
“I give my body to chi”

Level 2:
Have the grace of God.
Do not be clumsy with your hands.
Be touched by the power of the master.

Level 3:
Expand the field of energy.
When in doubt, keep your hands low.
Direct subtle energy long distances.

Level 4:
Notice the invisible world.
Grow in-tune with nature.
Feel the electricity in your hands.

General Background of Chinese Magic:

Elements: Gen (Magic), Wei (Energy), Wu (Space), Ki (Fire), and
Doh (Art).

Gen is also translated as water.
Wei also means subtlety.

Wu (cloud) relates to Jiang (heaven): powers point towards

Ki is different from Wei in that one (Wei) is subtle, and the other
(Ki) is manifest. One only has as much ki as one can manifest.
Whereas, Wei is everywhere, unless the land is cursed.

Doh may also mean Tao or -Do, meaning training or immortal

Thus, immortality and manifestation are on the outside. The body
is subtle, and magic leads to heaven.

The secret is in the clouds. The art is in the form. Fire consists of

To get two, for example, to get the art of fire, you must get the
other three: the art of fire comes from magical energy space. The
art of energy comes from the magical space of fire. The art of
magic comes from the energy space of fire. The greatest subtlety
comes from the art of space, which is really the magical energy of
fire. Do not believe that it is one thing or another: there is no
difference between empty space and a folded flame! One can gain
by another!