What is the primary keyword?

Is it 'Genius', 'Functionality', 'Pleasure', or 'Dangerous'?

If none of these words fit, just pick one of them and it will work as
a brand.

If you want the brand to be more specific, then use the following

Regardless of the keyword chosen,

 A. Set 1: Generic form.
         1. Apply a related proper name that has not been
                 A. Optional: If there is little to no competition
                 choose amongst this set of words:
                         [New, Quality, Evolution, or
                         number of units]
         2. Modify the name so that it is unique.
         3. Add additional unique property words.
                 For example, Coppedge Car = Cooper Mini.
 B. Set 2: Technical variations
         1. In the case of highly technical products, what
                 does the keyword signify. Pick anything that fits,
                 such as a recent discovery, or unique design.
                 These can be other keywords specific to the
                 product, or simply creative words that capture
                 something about the design. For example,
                 'Ninja Broom' or 'Elementary Discovery'.
         2. If there is no unique qualifier, pick a traditional
                 related category of genius, and add a prefix,
                 such as Hyper-, Uber-, Meta-, Ultra- etc.
                 If the name is a new brand, stop here.
                 For example, 'Hyper-Cubism'.
         3. If the name is not yet a brand, add a word
                 describing the thing's function. For example,
                 Uber-Ultra Soap, or Hyper-Categorical

Some brand names arrived at by a similar method include:
Cooper Mini, Eb Lens, Hyper-Cubism, Paroxysm, Bobbi's
Market, Alchemy Club, Categorical Deduction, quasi-feminist
sculpture by a man, Evolution Tattoos, and Keys on Kites