Born in 1982 in New Haven, I have lived in New Haven most of my life. I am a philosopher,
artist, inventor, and poet in some capacity. In high school I was enrolled in a program which
allowed me to take college classes in architecture and philosophy. Since Fall 2001 I have had
schizophrenia, which developed while I was attending college at Bard . My accomplishments
since then include producing over 1400 works of Hyper-Cubism, creating a method for
solving all paradoxes, a system of objective knowledge, and numerous designs for perpetual
motion machines. Since Nov 2013 I believe I have found mounting evidence that perpetual
motion is possible with simple machines.

Some of my other accomplishments include being a writer on Quora.com, contributing to
more than several brand names, and writing a screenplay called the Cat-Toast Drama which
went viral.

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Several placeholder autobiographies are available on Amazon:

Nathan Coppedge: Philosopher, Artist, Inventor, Poet.

The Autobiography of the Inventor of Perpetual Motion.


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