We can seek what is good and authentic about each thing, such as
a sweet, crisp Bosc pear, or an intellectual news gazette. There is
an Epicurean element to appreciating nearly everything. Nearly
everything has some special quality, either aesthetically, or in the

Each thing has harmony with everything else. Each thing has a
certain resonance or justice within the larger scheme of things.
Now we select just the right things, with the right attitude, from
amidst everything, and we begin to feel as if we belong in
everything, as if our habit of being is in tune with everything.

We can find loyal symbols of this process: things of significance,
that make it easier to return to the state of belongingness.
Languages and sciences can be formed of the most familiar and
the most fascinating things, and lead us on ever deeper quests of
self-searching and manifest permanence.

If things disappear, if things lack value, it is because somehow we
have not found meaning. Therefore, in this way, we can perceive
the justice of life on the basis of meaning. And, it all goes back to
the fundamental bases of experience, like the Bosc pear.