A-Metaphorical System:

Level 1: Structural Ametaph

Structural ametaph is simply continuousness expressed as
discontinuousness. This can be analogized to a grid in which each
line-segment of each square is a different color. The overall
structure depends on having infinite colors that are equally
well-expressed. The finite structure simply depends on the logical
relationship of the discontinuities.

Level 2: Structure Vs. Metaphor

The clear exception to structural ametaph is metaphor, since
ametaph means a-metaphorical. Either metaphor breaks down
into structural non-metaphor, which results in structural
ametaph,or metaphor breaks down in a non-structural way. Here
we get the second level.

Ironically, in terms of structural ametaph, astructural ametaph
expresses itself as a metaphorical structure, by accounting  for all
the negatives in the expression astructural ametaph, we get
structural metaphor.

However, at the same time, in at least one degree it must be
neither metaphorical nor structural. So, the clearest
representation of Level 2 may be 'one degree of de-structural
literalism'. If we treat level 2 as metaphorical structure, this
earlier insight leads to level 3.

Level 3: Literalism Vs. Structure Vs. Metaphor

Ametaph level 3 concerns finding a de-structural relationship
expressed in terms of continuity between metaphor: structure:
literalism. One approach is to take a symbol (literalism)
arbitrarily related to a system (metaphor), arbitrarily related to
an interpretation (structure), and then interpret what is
discontinuous between these things as a way of binding system to
structure (continuity).


Structure: Infinite Variation.

Structural Metaphor: Differentiation, Epiphany, Journey

Literal Metaphor Structure:

1. A tree (symbol) is the world (system) when it has importance to
the world (interpretation), when it grows on the world (symbolic
interpretation), and the world grows similar to the tree by having
a tree grow on it (systemic interpretation).

2. The letter 'O' (symbol) is an organ (system) when 'organ'  
begins with 'O' (interpretation) and when 'O' is the first letter of
organ, organ is a symbol represented by 'O' (symbolic
interpretation). And when 'organ' is a symbol, it can be
represented by 'O' (systemic interpretation).

3. A man (system) does something with his hand (symbol),
because a man has a hand (symbolic interpretation), and a man
does everything a man can do (systemic interpretation). Thus, a
man does something with a hand (interpretation).

The foregoing provides a general and circumspect guide on this
'new' discipline, which might in fact date to ancient Egypt,
judging by the name.