1. SUMMARY. This revised, simplified disclaimer is designed to
expedite the process of verifying simple devices and experiments
conducted by other inventors, engineers, mathematicians, etc.

2. USE OF WORKS. The devices posted on my website are free to use,
(borrow, imitate, investigate) under the condition that I be included as
co-patent holder on any successful patent documents (e.g. perpetual
motion patents) directly resulting from this use. Such an arrangement
entails equal royalties under most conditions. Royalties are to be shared
between (1) The Builder, (2) The Inventor and / or Inventors. If multiple
inventors including Nathan Coppedge are implicated in the design, then
the inventors will have a larger portion of the royalty than the builder,
collectively, but not individually. According to Patent Law of course, the
builder could usually claim entire credit, but to strengthen the
document it may be helpful to have historical backgrounds or
affiliations which only the inventors could provide.

3. INDEMNITY. Condition to the use of my works (the designs and
theory for perpetual motion), in no way will I be liable for patent or
attorney fees out of any use of these ideas (concrete or otherwise),
whether borrowed, or through association with patent documents.

4. CONTINGENCY. All of the statements made herein are contingent on
agreements made with industry clients (none currently). With few
exceptions, these agreements hold even under negotiating conditions.

---Major Revision 2016 / Jan 8th AM EST   OLD VERSION

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