Affecting Objective Language Translation, Theory-Has-it-
Everything-Reverses-Everything (A.O.L.T. - T.H.E.R.E.)

General Diagram:


Take four statements and place them in each of four boxes. Write
the opposite within any two neighboring boxes, then read the
unchanged terms and the opposite terms in any cyclical order,
inputting any helpful non-negating connectives. In an advanced
form, the connectives may even include expressions such as
‘knowledge of’ / ‘about’ or ‘helpful with’. In all, there are four
different combinations for any four terms. To help with
formulating these, it may be helpful to write both the original term
and the opposite within each box.


For Freedom Fighter Political War

We write:

[1] Freedom / Prison
[2] Fighter / Peaceful
[3] Political / No opinion
[4] War / Peace

Outputs look something like the following:

Pacifist Freedom: War of No Opinions
Political War: Peaceful Prison
War of Peace: No Opinion About Freedom
Prison of Peace, Political Fighter

Now let’s choose a second context to study.

For Thoughts About Impending War

We write:

[1] Thoughts / Stupidity
[2] About / Nonsense
[3] Impending / Distant
[4] War / Peace

The output looks like the following:

About thoughts: peaceful distance /
Stupid nonsense: impending war /
Thoughts of war: distant nonsense /
Peaceful stupidity: about the impending.

Now let’s find a third context to study.

For Multiple Worlds Free Will

We write:

[1] Multiple / Singular
[2] Worlds / Nothing
[3] Free / Determined
[4] Will / When?

The output looks like this:

Worlds multiply when determined /
Simple wills liberate nothing /
Nothing singular wills liberation /
Nothing multiplies the will to be determined.

These cases may be sufficient evidence to prove the method has
some value, even if it is on the disjunctive side.